Green Tile Turnover Accessory - Pressing and Turnover Machine [返回]

  Green tile turnover machine is the first equipment after forming in the fully-automatic production line. As the tiles are very frail, the equipment is of great importance. According to the different workmanship of the products, the equipment cleans the green tiles after pressing and then turns over or conveys directly to the equipment for the next working procedure.

  The roller of the equipment adopts cold drawn tubes whose rigidity is better than other tubes. The sleeves adopt abrasive rubber and the external circle uses the grinder that independently developed by us. The circular run-out is controlled within ±0.3mm with high straightness so that the roller can move more steadily and the defects such as crack caused by the jumping of the roller would be avoided. The part that installs the roller adopts the aluminum alloy sections that independently designed by us so as to make the equipment lighter and the ceramic products being conveyed more stably. High-quality synchronous belt is used in the transmission, which makes little noise and little vibration when the equipment is operated, and longer service life as well as easier maintenance.

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